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Looking to implement a technology based training or outreach solution but confused on how to start? We provide expert knowledge helping you:

  1. Identify the right use cases
  2. Define case specific integration plans
  3. Design and manage development of software or hardware applications
  4. Better manage the usage of existing solutions

Game Design and Development

Whether developing highly accurate digital training simulations or using gamification to engage an audience, Our goal at Light Bulb is to use cutting edge technology to bring your ideas to life by providing turn-key software solutions which exceed your expectations.

  1. iOS and Android
  2. Windows and MacOS
  3. Web
  4. Virtual Reality
  5. Augmented Reality

360° Video Production

Interactive 360° video provides the quickest pathway into immersive experiences targeting both virtual reality and other devices. With experience in the complete production pipeline, we are able to help you execute your creative vision.


We work closely with you to help assess your project goals, helping us to determing the best course of action for production as well as activation and deployment.


Using our 6 camera system, we are able to capture full 360° video at up to 8K resolution.

Post Production

We provide a full post production service including camera stitching, rig removal, and rendering optimizations for all of your targeted devices.

3D Visualization

Create high quality renders or objects that can be plugged into experiences. All objects are 100 percent custom and optimized to best fit your needs.

  1. Architecture
  2. 3D Environments and Props
  3. Photogrammetry

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